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Dennis "DJ" Spadaro

        Over my years of playing sports, I was gifted at a young age, but then pop goes the Acl. Tight hips and weak hamstrings led to my first major injury , and it didn’t stop there. I would go on to tear my acl 2 other times, with both of them being non contact injuries. What does that mean? Getting hit on the side of your knee while carrying someone on your back isn’t avoidable . But running downfield with a football in your hands and going to cut right, while your knee buckles underneath you,  tells us not only were you not prepared for this movements, but your training wasn’t antiquate to match the demands of your given sport. But how is this possible? My parents spent their hard earned money after my first major injury to put me in one of those “top level” speed schools. My Father even had to get a night job just to pay for coaching .  The  level of sacrifice my mom and dad did to get me to the east end of Long Island will never go unnoticed.  The issue was that this speed school was your run of the mill cookie cutter group training with speed ladders and cone drills. Had the coaches evaluated my hips for a lack of hip internal rotation, found that I had zero strength in my hamstrings and no tibial rotation then their program for me would have addressed these weak points and I could have avoided these injuries. 

        These experiences had taken me down a path of passion and love for training.  Not just training, truly understanding the needs  both physically and mentally of my clients.  I want to develop young Athletes that have the same dreams that I had growing up but keep them healthy and teach them to be the strongest version of themselves on and off the field. 

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